Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking it in stride

To your left you'll see a horse since, as promised, I am sharing yet another WIP with you dear reader. This one is for a friend as a gift (hopefully they aren't reading this and if they are...surprise!). I've done more aceo's and am finishing up a landscape picture and beginning another one as well as making my way through all the other works I have on the go.
As I'm doing this one something becomes plainly obvious to me and, as I've said to others before, I really don't like doing chestnut horses. For those that aren't familiar with horses or the odd colouring names horses are given chestnuts are generally a red-brown colour. They can be dark or light in shade and usually have a mane and tail of a similar colouring as their body. They're also a pain in the patookus for getting the colour matched properly when drawing them. That said, I'm adhering to the motto that practice makes perfect (or close enough to it) and am just going to plug along with this.
Despite not being a fan of rendering chestnuts in coloured pencil I must say that so far I'm okay with how this one is coming along. I'm not pressuring myself to get it done within a few days so I think I'm enjoying it more which, be default, just helps in creating great art.
So tomorrow I'll have another update since this week promises to be very, very busy for me. I'm busy with my other diversion (see The Lost Meadow), I have to go pick up some artwork from my display up north and this week-end the other half and I are going camping! Yay! I love camping and have been waiting for this week-end for a long time and the weather promises to be sunny and hot so I'm packing up my art stuff and taking it with me...that and some sunscreen SPF 55 or 60.
So that's the update for today and just wait until tomorrow, dear reader, when I'll have pictures of chestnuts aplenty.

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