Friday, June 23, 2006

Yellow, Purple, Green and Red

Yup, all of the above. I've been a busy little bee it seems this week as I've not only completed another ACEO but also 2, count em', 2 larger pieces one of which I'm going to post here as a WIP. Okay, so technically it's not done yet but should be by tonight. The picture is "sleeping" now so I can give it time to contemplate it's fate in the scheme of the art universe. Here are the first two pics of the work I've decided to title "Windy". The vitals on this nifty piece are as follows: Prismas on "Aubergine" Colourfix paper size 7x10.
I love coming back to these WIP pictures because I like to do big chunks of work at a time and then come back to the ugly stages of a work (they all have ugly stages) and say to myself "Hey, I remember at ____ point when I wanted to scrap this. Good thing I didn't!"
Looks pretty rudimentary right now and, yes, that is bright yellow and red in the horse's mane. Did I drop acid before I started drawing this? No...and perhaps that's what is really frightening. Don't worry, it gets better and I'll be happy to share my progress with you dear reader...tomorrow. (I know, I'm so mean.)

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