Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So, as I said I would do I'm going to post some of the work I've been doing in prep for "the show". Above you will notice a chipmunk, a rather mischevious looking chipmunk, who if he's anything like the ones I have hanging around here, has been eating corn seeds that I planted.
Like the chipmunk, this is a little work at 2.5" x 3.5" and is an ACEO. For those that don't like anagrams it stands for Art(ist) Cards Editions and Originals. The idea apparently started with some artists who wanted to have wee cards to trade amongst one another, like baseball cards. The artist community being largely, but not altogether, disinterested in sports decided that they would just make trading cards of their own. Alas, they shall never be placed in a waxy paper wrapper with gum though.
They've become quite popular with people as they are generally very affordable and allow people to own original art from various artists without having to sell their kidneys or mortgage their homes to do so. I just like them because they're fast and fun to do...but then again I'm easily amused.
I've started a few other works but it's funny how you can start something with all sorts of enthusiasm and zeal and then just fall flat and be completely disinterested in what you're doing. One landscape I'm working on has done this to me. I've decided to leave it be and come back to it maybe later this week or next since it's quite possible I'm just suffering from yellow ochre overload.
At any rate, I've probably wasted too much time and have work to do. I should have at least one other picture to post by the end of this week so stay tuned!

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