Sunday, June 04, 2006

Time for the reject to shine

Hello dear reader. So tomorrow I need to drop off my two pictures for the art show that I wasn't notified about due to the diligence of the person responsible for making sure that the members of a certain art association as informed. Apparently they assumed that my fantastic powers of insight and non-verbal communication were at an all-time high and that I would simply find out that way. Alas, my powers have been stripped from me and I have to revert to mere mortal forms of communication.
At any rate I did find out and I did contact them and I did pay my entry fee so therefore I get to submit my work. What work am I submitting? Glad you asked. I'm submitting my juried show reject work which is above and another work which I haven't bothered to re-size yet so unfortunately you'll just have to wait to see it...or go to the Belleville Art Association and see it there!
Also worth noting is that in true form I have once again bitten off more than I can chew and find myself as a guest artist in a group show at a gallery/ gift store located in Bon Echo Provincial Park which is about 45 minutes north of where I live. It's an awesome park, one that I highly recommend visiting, and apparently much like the show they're hosting there that yours truly is to be a part of at the end of July, this gallery/ store features some pretty spiffy artists as well.
Whoops! I forgot about my banana bread. Excuse me for a moment.
Okay, all is well with the banana bread...back to my inane babbling...
As I was saying, there will be spiffy artists and it gives me a chance to size up the other work that will be there as well as whether or not my prices are way off.
Last week I sold another original work. I must say that there's something entirely more satisfying about selling an original work as opposed to doing a commission for someone. I guess it just reiterates that my ideas aren't entirely cracked.
Anyway, I will (hopefully) update this again later in the week preferably with good news rather than something like " artwork was stolen and burned in effigy." That would be bad, very bad.

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