Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Life reduced to 4 numbers

I figured I'd do a little post here since I have some time to kill before I get back to work, that and I need to let my lunch digest.
I feel the need to share this since it's a reflection of where the youth of today (at least in America) are headed which, in my oh so humble opinion, seems to be right down the crapper. Again, I make reference to my local radio station's Impossible Trivia since this is where this little tid-bit of info came from. The question was (roughly): "In a survey of teens from the United States, where did 60% (again, roughly) believe the Great Lakes were located?" China? Nope. Russia? Nope. Hawaii? (good answer!) Nope. The Mid-west? Nope. The answer: The Moon. Yup, the Moon.
While I think that technology education and advancement is important I don't think we should rely on GPS navigation systems to be our sole source of geography education. We've memorized the PIN's to our bank accounts, our credit card numbers, our gym membership expiry date and how much the car payment is but do we know where the Rockies are located or what the newest territory in Canada is? Do these poor kids even know the capital of their state? Methinks that the education system is in trouble, and not just South of the border. My guess is that the kids here in Canada aren't in a much better position although I'm assuming they do know where the great lakes are and that they're not an interstellar phenomenon.
My lunch has digested and it's time to get back to work.

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