Monday, June 26, 2006

Slingin' Hay

So "Windy" is safely past the ugly stage and well on the way to being completed. There's still more to go with shading and fiddling with the background but it's simply some fine-tuning at best.
Today was hay day, and not in the jovial sense either. We got some of our hay in and, luckily, I didn't have to handle any of it because there were 5 teen-age boys to do it. The odd thing? Even after slinging 164 bales of hay into the mow they were still full of beans trying to push each other out of the car and such. Then again it's not 40 degrees out either (and I'm talking celsius folks, I'm a Canuck).
So I'm finishing up a commission work that's headed to it's new home on friday and puttering around with some other works that I'd like to include in the upcoming show at Bon Echo. I have an awesome picture that I'd like to use for reference but I'm still trying to decide how I should go about rendering it...heck, I can't even decide what type of paper to do it on so clearly I'm not in a solid enough spot to even be starting on it. Not that something like that has ever stopped me before...
I'll include the completed "Windy" in the next update which will probably happen on Wednesday. Maybe then I'll have made that critical paper decision and maybe, just maybe, I'll be lucky enough not to have to deal with hay (very itchy, you know.)

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