Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A silver lining

So I didn't get into the local show but it seems that even when you're feeling sorry for yourself there's always something better around the corner. On monday I had to go pick up my artwork from the store I was in as guest artist for April and lo and behold, one of my works had sold! I actually wasn't expecting anything to sell there (I was just figuring it would be a good way to get my name out) so I was pleasantly surprised. Also, imagine how much my ego inflated when I showed up and some woman was looking at my work and gushing over it without knowing that I was standing right behind her! Good karma...
I think I'm ready for the Pet Wellness show I'm attending this saturday. Just a few little tweaking things but nothing major. I'll have to get a checklist ready to make sure I bring everything I need like business cards, etc.
So I'm getting more art projects off my plate so I can concentrate on the outdoor art exhibit I have at the end of July. I'm really looking forward to it since I've never done one before and, as I was told, there will be a lot of good artists I guess I'd better step up my game. I really want to make an impression and show off the coloured pencil and graphite work. I do need to do more oil paintings but there will be lots of painters there, I'm sure, so I'm not going to worry about it too much.

Other than that there's not much else that's exciting to speak of. The weather is warmer, the bugs are coming out and I'm wearing sunscreen a lot more. I'm also trying to get a lot of gardening done as well so I guess I should stop typing and get back to work. Toodles!

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