Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm not a summer person

So the heat is here, and here to stay for a few months I suspect. I say this every year and I'll say it again: "I'm not a summer person." Warm weather makes me want to crawl into the freezer and stay there until, oh, let's say mid-October. I know, I know, all winter us Canadians complain about it being too cold, too much snow, not enough snow, too windy, too slushy, too icy, too damn Canadian.
I remember last winter I was out at the barn puttering away and Morris, the fellow that delivers the horse feed, showed up with of all things horse feed. We got to talking about the weather and naturally the aforementioned complaints came up. Me being the eternally naieve optimist finally just shrugged my shoulders, grinned and said "Well, what can you do about it." Morris said: "We can bitch." Well, that's right, we can! So I'm going to...
It's too hot, there's not enough of a breeze, the air is thick, I'm sweating, I stink aaaaand the pool isn't open yet. Why? Because on the May long week-end we had hail! It was cold enough for hail! Why it must be spring in Ontario. Mother Nature has a quirky sense of humour to say the least.

So I'm trying to get some more art done (hmmm, have I said that before?) and I think I may be on the verge of hitting a block. I may need to switch papers again to let myself rest from the fantabulous Colourfix paper. On another art related note I may have shot myself in the foot in one of my art fair entries. I had missed the deadline (depending on which source you consult) and they said that I could still enter since there were still some spaces left in certain categories. Send in your application they say and with 5 pictures of your artwork. So what did I do? I sent in the 5 pictures...of 3 different mediums I work in. Duh Rita. Consistency, consistency, consistency! Nothing consistent about my submission. Oh well. They don't do the second jurying until June 7th so we'll see if I can utterly confuse them... "Exactly what medium does this girl work in?"
I'm going to try to do a larger work in cp and a landscape to boot. We'll see what happens...

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