Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Do you ever wonder...

...why the sky is blue? Why we're told to always wear clean underwear? What do dogs dream about? What the real purpose of ice cream is? Who decided to milk a cow? What that smell is coming from the other side of the room?
I do.
Those are questions left for others to answer though. Right now I'm going to concern myself with my music selections as of late while doodling away at my art. Lately I find myself listening to Paul Simon's "Graceland" album as well as the soundtrack to "O Brother Where Art Thou?". Interspersed with this already colourful music combo are various Ramones albums, but most often the Joey Ramone album "Don't Worry About Me". I don't recall any other time I've decided to mix the likes of Baptist country and blues, with African influenced pop with early foundation Punk. Do you ever wonder why we do the things we do or why we choose the things we choose. I sure do. That said, it's time to make a selection for lunch before returning to vegetable gardening. Perhaps I'll have some Bok Choi with samosas and Poutine. Yum!

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