Friday, April 21, 2006

So this will be my last update until next week, and look! I uploaded two pics for your enjoyment. In fact, I'm not posting another pic of this work until it's done. This stupid pink flower has proven to be the bane of my sanity as far as I'm concerned.
Like I mentioned before, this has been a work that I've had to push myself through, I wanted to chuck it about 4 days ago but this show is coming up and it needs to get done. I'd still like to have another work to submit next thursday and I've started on another work of a macro flower image and so far so good, but we'll see if the time factor is going to co-operate with me.
On a completely unrelated note I'd like to share with you something the local radio station here does every morning on their morning show. They play a game called 'Impossible Trivia' and on occassion the answer to these questions is completely out of left field hence the name 'Impossible Trivia' instead of 'Completely Obvious Trivia'. This morning the question was something to the effect of 'What is one of the most common ailments vets treat pets for?' or something like that. The answer: Intoxication. Something to think over this week-end as you're sharing a beer with your dog.

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