Monday, April 17, 2006

It's alive!

I forced myself to start the work for the art show that's coming up. My efforts will prove to be fruitful if I actually get juried into the show and if not then I'll burn the picture in effigy. Actually no...I'll just be kinda disappointed and I'll keep the picture in my gallery. The effigy thing had a nice dramatic flair to it though, didn't it?
I'm going to attempt to post the WIP (that's "work in progress" for you folks like myself that are confounded by acronyms) so you can join me in seeing this work come to life. Let me attempt to do this...
Hmm, something is amiss. I hit the picture button and nothing. I love dial-up... I'll try posting this and then coming back and editing it by adding the picture.

Okay, it's not working. Maybe I can deal with this tomorrow but not now. I'm hungry and I need to eat.

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