Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have I got this figured out?

The answer to that is probably no but I'll give it another go. I'd also just like to make note that spell check is a beautiful thing...too bad I didn't use it last night. I digress...
I'm going to attempt to post my WIP again (sigh).

Hey! Look! It worked! My God, I must be a techno-wiz...or wannabe computer geek. Anyhoo, there she is in her beginning stages, coloured pencil on brown paper. Why brown? Well, it saves me doing a lot of work on the background and it was Easter when I started working on it and had chocolate on the brain. These things happen. At least I had chocolate on the brain and not something like sauerkraut or split pea soup, although that gives me ideas for other works.
I've done more work on it since this and I'll be sure to post my progress as I go. You, dear reader, will have to wait though.

On another note I will mention that I'm planning on doing more horse pictures and dog pictures (maybe a cat picture) since I have a busy summer ahead of me just getting myself out there. I can already feel the carpal tunnel syndrome setting in.

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