Sunday, April 16, 2006

In The Beginning...

So I'm going to make an effort to post at least twice a week about all my artistic (and occassionally life) happenings and misadventures. It seems that people are genuinely interested in the thought process, or lack thereof, of an artist. It would dictate then, that you dear reader are interested in my thought process. My first thought then is this: Why? Only you can answer that question since I simply don't have enough time to ponder those sorts of things.
It would seem that I have far too much on my plate for the next few months artistically speaking and I may lose the few marbles I have rolling around in my head. My first project to tackle is a piece I want to have done by April 27th for a local juried art show I've entered. It's a cutsey-poo piece (some technical artistic terminology there for you) piece of a butterfly on a flower. Cutting edge? Hardly, but the piece is difficult and will probably break me for a day or two and then it's right back on the wagon for a Pet Wellness Day event on May 6th. That and I have several commissions on the go that I should probably dedicate more time to.
So, enough with the typing and more with the drawing. I will be back to regail you with my stories in a few days.

PS- In case you were wondering purple does taste good. Many moons ago as a child I ate about half a purple crayon to see if it tasted different than the yellow crayon. It does, and it tastes better than yellow. I've said too much.


lotusblossoms51 said...

Hello...I followed your beautiful horse pictures to here~ Funny thing your first blog started on 4/16~ my daughters birthday... Your first piece to complete you want done by 4/27~ my birthday :) You love and ride horses~ I also love and used to ride/own horses. So we are kindered spirits~ I wanted to tell you what a great artist you are, I'm sure you hear that alot~ You draw horses so real! You draw other stuff too very well but I especially luv the horses. I'm also reading some of your blogs, your so funny! Oh and my favorite color is PURPLE~ I hope you don't think Im some wierd chick (well I am):)~ Hmm? I'm new to all this bloggen stuff, your the 3rd person I've left a comment to. Anyway just wanted to tell you I luv the way you draw :)~

Rita said...

This is well past my first update but I wanted to let you know that I'm glad you're touched by my art...especially the horses.
I'm hoping to do something memorable for my "One Year Anniversary". Thanks for stopping in!