Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yay Colourfix!

So today's post contains the first 2 images of the other wip I have on the go. It's an equine piece and the reference picture is one that I've had for quite awhile... I just wasn't sure how to proceed with it.

Yet another un-named piece
11x14, coloured pencil on Colourfix

It's a pretty decent size, 11x14, and I'm using Colourfix for this one because 1- I seem to have an abundance of it hanging about and 2- I was initially thinking that I'd be doing a lot of layering for this one and, wouldn'tcha know it... I was right!

There was a piece I did a few years back, "Windy" (you can search for it with the search thingy on the side), that was a great learning curve for me in terms of incorporating more colour into my work and not being afraid of pushing the limits in terms of layering. There's a bit more of this piece below:

It's also been awhile since I've worked on Colourfix and doing this piece is reminding me how much I enjoy using it for certain works.

There's actually quite bit more that I've done on this piece but I'll hold off on posting more until later in the week. Two reasons: 1- I love keeping people in suspense and 2- I have a gimpy kitten I need to look after who is currently climbing on the desk and causing havoc in general, as kittens have a tendency to do.

So until later this week stay creative (and warm!)

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