Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Yes, we finally got a sprinkling of snow. All I have to say is : "It's about flippin' time!"

Granted, these pics were taken quite early in the morning and the majority of this snow has since melted, but it was nice to finally see some of the white stuff on the ground. After all, it's December 1st and Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and I know I certainly wasn't the only one that was waiting on a bit of snow to add a little more to the Christmas spirit.

Heck, even the dogs were in a giddy mood:

Granted, much like people driving in the first snow of the season, they wiped out on more than one occasion but all in all they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Thankfully I did not share in their excitement of face-planting in the first dusting of snow.

Rejuvenated with a new sense of Christmas-yness (English teachers everywhere are cringing right now) I must be off to create a themed ACEO or two... which I will be more than happy to share later this week.

Until then, keep on art-ing!


Jennifer Rose said...

the dogs look like they are having so much fun :D thankfully you didn't wipe out!

Rita said...

They were really enjoying themselves. I enjoyed it too for the exact reason that I didn't wipe out. ;)