Monday, October 27, 2008

Princess for President?

With the US elections coming up and with us Canadians having just finished up our Federal election a few weeks ago I felt that sharing this story would be appropriate.

It’s fair to say that voting is a very important task, some people taking it more seriously than others. Folks all over the world vote for various things but without a doubt voting for the leader of one’s country is pretty high up there in importance. Imagine if you had really strong feelings about the candidates up for election, knew who you wanted to vote for but then went to the polling station and were told you couldn’t vote. You’d be pretty darn upset, right? It’s our right to vote and each and every member of society should exercise that right whenever possible.

"To the Core" ACEO
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Now imagine the day that you get the voting registration cards for your household in the mail only to realize that not only has the government done their duty of issuing each legal member of the household their voting card but apparently they expect the race to be so tight that they’ve also issued a voting card to your goldfish... who happens to be dead.

This happened to a family in the US not too long ago and the funny thing is that, as far as they’re aware, the dead goldfish hasn’t been pulled from the voters list. While I didn’t get the entire story the registration error occurred when the goldfish, whose first name was “Princess”, was used on some type of formal documentation the family needed. What type of document and what it was used for I’m not sure of, but I must say that I find it kind of sad that they know nobody other than their goldfish to use as a reference. Much like a telemarketing list the name and address of “Princess” was added to a mailing list and the rest is history.

Why is it that I have a hard enough time getting a government worker to call me back regarding tax papers, they can use satellites in space to hone in on a specific street in a bustling metropolis, one needs half a dozen forms of ID to get a library card and yet a dead goldfish is being issued a voting card?

I dunno what else to say but... happy voting!


Jennifer Rose said...

lol >.< The first time I voted was here. Hubby knows more about Canadian politics than I do :p I'm sure if we ever went and got him Canadian citizenship, he would pass the test and I would fail :p

Rita said...

In all honesty I suspect that the majority of Canucks if given the citizenship test would most likey fail, or only pass marginally. Unless, of course, it included a whole lot of questions about beer, Timmie's and the number of time the Leafs almost won the Stanley Cup. :p