Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Nice To Unwind

Well, I have to say that my trip was a much needed one and the weather was fantastic for almost the entire trip with the exception of this past week-end. That said, it certainly didn’t dampen (Hardy- har, get it? ‘Dampen’? Yeah, that was a really bad pun) the trip on the way back to Boston to visit my brother.

I got some awesome pictures and thanks to all the hiking we did up and down mountains my leg muscles are screaming bloody murder at me. What more could one ask for in a vacation? Not much, I suspect.

Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

While in Boston we made a trip to the Dick Blick store which I affectionately referred to as my trip to “Mecca”. I picked myself up a set of 36 Coloursofts and have yet to stop drooling over using them. I had already purchased some open stock pencils to test them out and after drooling sufficiently over them decided it was high time to pick up a proper set.
In New Hampshire I bought a few things, including a bumper sticker that says “My Australian Shepherd is smarter than your Honor Student”... mainly because it’s true. I don’t normally adorn my vehicle with stickers because when they eventually have to come off they leave that sticky goo behind that requires sandblasting to remove but this sticker was one that allowed me to be smug without having to open my mouth... and that, dear reader, is a most excellent thing.

I also got to pet a moose:

Just call me Dr. Doolittle

Yup, that’s right... a moose!

Okay, it’s actually a wooden moose and I suspect that with my recent encounters of the wildlife kind that I wouldn’t be too keen on walking up to, let alone petting, an animal that could take my head off in one clean sweep. They’re cool from a distance though...

So that’s the ‘Readers Digest’ version of my trip. There was a lot more fun and excitement, including seeing a well dressed man in a Mercedes picking his nose, and I have oodles of pictures that have potential as art material. Most importantly I have great memories and got the rest I needed to fire up the old burners again for doing more art.

My battalion of coloured pencils and I have some work to do... ;)


Jennifer Rose said...

glad you had a good trip :)

what an odd looking moose o.0

Regina said...

Love what you've got started on your WIP. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

Rita said...

Thanks Jennifer and Regina!

It was a great trip and it's good to be home again and working on more art. :)