Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Excitement? Here?

So you came back to find out the exciting news, eh? Well, here it is...

I’m going camping this week-end!!

Okay, no, that really wasn’t it (although I am excited about going camping this week- end, what with me being a tree hugger and all...)

Okay, the real exciting news is that the Other Half and I became engaged as of June 18th.

Really!!! :D

So does this mean I have to start calling him the Significant Other Half? Does this mean I have to change my name? Does this mean I have to start thinking about the potential cost associated with having an open bar at a wedding with people that are predominately Irish?

The answer to the first two are ‘no’ but the answer to the last is a definite ‘yes’.

We’re very excited but intend to enjoy our engagement for well over a year as we haven’t set a date, but do know that we’d like an Autumn wedding. That gives me enough time to train my dog, Rosie, to carry flowers without dropping them and I also have to figure out a way to keep Al, my horse, clean until after wedding pictures have been taken. The cats have indicated that they have no desire to participate in the wedding itself and instead will contribute by keeping the property blessedly free of rodents... and for that I thank them.

She's female, her name's 'Rosebud', I think that's really all
the qualification she needs to be called a "flower girl"... right?

Mr. Al Mansur Primo... if there's a mud puddle to roll in, he'll find it.

So that's the exciting news. Pretty exciting, eh? I thought so.
I'll be back later in the week with an art update and more on Vermeer!


Regina said...


Lisa B. said...

Congratulations Rita! Daisy says Rosebud is going to be a wonderful flower girl, and wishes she could play "wedding" too.

Meg Lyman said...

Wow, congratulations! :D :D :D

Ann said...


Rita said...

Thanks everyone!!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it... :D

PS- Lisa, Rosebud is very happy about the whole idea of playing "wedding", although in order to put the best of her 4 feet forward she is intent on watching her cookie intake. She insists that she wants to look her absolute best! ;)

Jennifer Rose said...


Rita said...

Thanks Jennifer! :D