Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A close- up of the experimental daisy piece.
You didn't think I'd show you the whole thing, did you!? ;)

Just dropping in quick to say that I’ll be back on the week-end with a post!

Over the past few days we’ve had some serious melting of snow going on, about 3-4 months worth. Anyone that has horses or has had a horse (heck, even someone that has a dog) at home can appreciate what kind of... *ahem*... treasures one will find after the melting of that much snow and the sheer quantity of said "treasures". I’ve been scooping and shovelling and dumping... and then scooping some more.

Priorities folks, priorities.

So, with that in mind and to lure you back this week-end I’m tickled to announce that the VG experimental daisy piece is done and I’ve started some gardening. Isn’t it great what a few warm, sunny days can do for one’s energy level?

So be sure to check back here this week-end and until then keep on art-ing...or shovelling.

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