Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Eyes Are Smiling...because more artwork is done!

Lilac Tea WIP- Part 3
5x7, coloured pencil on pastel board
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Lilac Tea WIP
5x7, coloured pencil on pastel board
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Not a big post today. I just wanted to stop in and wish you, dear reader, a Happy St.Patrick's Day! May it be filled with much corned beef, potatoes, soda bread and beer!

To my brother, Happy Birthday!! Don't do anything I wouldn't do... like take a pie in the face.

Oh, and the Lilac Tea piece? It's done:

"Sure Sign of Spring"
5x7, coloured pencil on pastel board
Will be available to win the the raffle at the Lilac Tea Art Show,
tickets can be obtained from the Tyendinaga Township Public Library
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Have a wonderful day and keep on art-ing!


Lisa B. said...

If I could taste color, this would be black cherry ice cream. Yum!

Ann said...

This is beautiful! Lovely color and fresh composition. How did you like pastel board? It looks like it liked you :)

Meg Lyman said...

Great job on this piece. I love the colors, composition, and depth!

Jennifer Rose said...

beautiful! lovely colours :)

Rita said...

Thanks Lisa, that's the most interesting (and palatable) comparison I've heard yet! :D

Ann- Thanks for the compliments! I'm still up in the air over pastel board. I like the idea that it's easier to frame but it sure does eat pencils.

Thanks Meg! I enjoy doing macro pieces and fiddling around with forced perspective.

Jennifer- Thanks! Any excuse to use purple and magenta! ;)

Regina said...

Stunning piece! At first I thought I was looking at a photograph. But this is so much better than a photo.
I hope this inspires tons of raffle sales.

Clare said...

Looking good! Great idea to do a "macro" close-up of the lilac flower. Its not just a typical boring flower painting.

Rita said...

Regina- Thanks! I hope it garners lots of raffle sales for the library too! :)

Saga- I've done "typical" before and it just doesn't do anything for me, so I know what you mean. Glad you like it!


I think I smell lilac fragrance!!

Rita said...

Thanks Cynthia! :)

I hope whoever wins it will have the same reaction(s) everyone here has had!