Friday, February 01, 2008


"Majestic" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

"Buck Wild" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

So earlier in the week I was tagged by Ann from Nemcosky Art. The requirements of this particular tag are that I have to reveal 5 things about myself that others probably don't know. I participated in a tag last year and here are the 7 things I posted about myself so now I have to tell you 5 more things...

1- Today there's a snow storm and y'know what? I don't care because I love Winter!! I'm just fulfilling my duty as a good Winter-loving Canadian, but I don't love it when it's any colder than -15C, I need to draw the line somewhere.

2- I had nothing to do with horses before moving to the country 4 years ago. I've always admired them and routinely pointed and yelled "Look! Horses!!!" on road trips when I saw them but other than that the only times I had ever been near or on a horse was as a small child at pony rides and the 2 times I went horse-back riding in a group which doesn't really count.
Moving here and getting a horse was a dream for me, in fact it was something I didn't think I'd be able to do until I retired... so now I have to find another dream to fulfil when I retire. :)

3- I have met, shaken hands and spoken briefly with Prince Charles. It was when I was 15 years old and was at the Terry Fox Centre in Ottawa for a Fine Arts program they run there. Meeting him was absolutely surreal, and he's much shorter than I imagined and has a handshake that could easily crush every bone in your hand.

4- I'm, supposedly, one of the very few women on the face of the planet that doesn't find Brad Pitt overly attractive. He reminds me of a chipmunk, what can I say?

5- I used to volunteer as a Wildlife Watcher for the Ministry of the Environment. An entry level volunteer position, unless you have extensive bird knowledge, involves sitting in a marshland area in early- mid Spring and listening to frogs... at night. So, for 2 years that's what I did, I sat in a marshy, swampy area and listened to frogs and recorded it, time, date, male or female and so on. You really have to love nature to do something like that... trust me.

So there you have it, 5 things you might not have known about me. Pair that with the 7 things from last year and I'm quite the open book now, aren't I?

To keep this going I'm supposed to tag 5 other people in the hopes that they'll reveal nitty-gritty info about themselves. However, I can't think of anyone who hasn't participated in this already so this week-end I'm going to troll the internet and see if I can find some folks that 1- haven't participated already and 2- look like they might have some interesting and/or embarassing personal information they'd like to make us privy to.

Happy Friday and I'll be back next week with more fun in art!


Jennifer Rose said...

I don't find Brad Pitt attractive either, he is too much of a pretty boy. :p

Rita said...

For me it's the whole chipmunk association thing. I just have this mental image of him shoving acorns into his mouth and scurrying up a tree. It's a very disconcerting image, especially when watching a movie like "Fight Club".

Katherine said...

You do realise I will never be able to look at Brad Pitt again without thinking "chipmunk"! ;)

I very nearly met Princess Di once about 20 years ago - she was a lot taller than people realised!

Rita said...

Lol! Sorry 'bout that Katherine! :D

I would have absolutely loved to have met Princess Di, she was such an interesting and caring person and statuesque, no doubt! Such an odd match, her and Prince Charles...