Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wookie Woogums WIP Part 2

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Well hello there! I didn't post yesterday because when I went to upload pictures it gave me an error message. Kind of hard to do an art post without pictures, isn't it? I had very little sleep last night so if this post is riddled with typos or nonsensical strings of words my apologies in advance. On with the show!

I'm back with the second portion of Otis' WIP. Here's the third stage:

All I've done here is filled in more of his body and markings on his face. At this point I'm thinking about starting on the background because it will help me put the rest of the piece into perspective as far as determining values and how far I need to push them. So, with that in mind...

Here's the start of the bg and I've started to "fill him out" more.
The bg for this one is going to stay pretty basic and I'm waffling between keeping it in grey tones or if I should add in some blue just to give it something to tie into the colouring of Otis' coat. From this point I'm also going to pay attention to light and shadows because it needs to make sense visually and because when I cobble pictures together that's something that I tend to forget as I get working.

Below I've included some close-ups of his eyes just for the heck of it:

So that's the WIP for today. Next week I'll wrap this one up because I've already got another WIP on the go, although I may try a different format for the next one.

Anyhoo, in the interest of me not passing out on my keyboard I'm going to go back to bed now. Back tomorrow with silliness!

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