Monday, October 22, 2007

Things that go bump...

"Onion- The Jester" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

"Bill- Little Devil" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

I don't know what it is about the approach of Halloween that makes my imagination go into hyper mode. I don't mean creatively either. I mean that I just start imagining things that simply aren't there. Shadows that look like people lurking around in the dark, sounds of things dropping or doors mysteriously opening. Or people screaming...oh, wait. No, that's actually happening next door where my neighbour does daycare with toddlers. I think one child just ran over another child with a Tonka truck.

Maybe it's from the excess sugar that I consume around this time of year (why do they start selling the candy a month and a half before the actual day of Trick-or-treating??), maybe it's the shorter days or maybe it's just because I have too much stuff to do and I'm not getting adequate sleep? After all, I have commissioned artwork to complete, patio furniture that needs to be put away, a chimney that needs to be cleaned, book-keeping that I'm about 2 weeks behind on, 3 more art shows to get ready for and 3 paddocks that need to have manure spread in them. Quite frankly, I don't have time to hallucinate.

At the same time, there's really just something about Halloween and all that spooky nonsensical stuff that's just plain old fun (even if I do think I'm losing my mind). Just today I read that Halloween ranks only second on the list of events that people spend money on for parties/ celebrating, ranking just behind New Year's eve which was in first place. I also heard on the radio that 15% of people in North America believe in vampires and a whopping 60% believe in ghosts, which provides me with consolation that I'm not the only one who thinks they're seeing and hearing things.

So on that note, once I get my chores done I'm going to indulge the supernatural a little bit and find out just what was it that went bump and who is lurking in the shadows.... you know, before the men with the white coats come to take me away.


Jennifer said...

I love those cards!!

You can never have too much sugar this time of year :D

I believe in ghosts, but not vampires. Just a little bit too ridiculous (but bunnicula does exist :P)

Lisa B. said...

Your art cards are developing the best personalities! The colors really sing, and the subjects are wonderfully unique.

Don't worry about those bumps and clangs. It's just the Great Pumpkin, loading his Halloween wagon for a smashing good time!

Rita said...

Jennifer- Thanks! I figured excessive amounts of sugar were safe, it's the artificial colouring they put in some of those candies that gets me. :p (and yes, I concur that Bunnicula does exist!)

Lisa- Thanks! I really enjoyed doing these ones of my cats dressed up for Halloween, a little bit of fantasy (or an over-active imagination it seems) never hurt anyone! ;)