Monday, October 29, 2007

Home Sweet Country Bumpkin Home

"Inquiring" WIP, 11x14" coloured pencil on Colourfix
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Welcome back, dear reader!
So, the Other Half and I survived the trip to the "big city". Trips like that really make me appreciate living in the country and also serve to remind me why excessive exposure to crowds of people are bad for my blood pressure.
On the Saturday we went to one of those Super Wal-Marts to look for a board game (the weather was poopy so we had to restrict ourselves to indoor activities). There's 2 things in that previous sentence that let on to impending disaster. The first being 'Saturday' and the second being 'Super Wal-Mart' since any good shopper knows that unless you happen to be completely out of your mind or trained in hand-to-hand mortal combat you simply do not venture into such a place on that particular day of the week. We pulled into the parking lot and I don't know if it's the excitement of Halloween that makes people abandon their common sense but I can't even tell you how many people just walked blindly into oncoming vehicles or were walking willy-nilly all over the parking lot. I was half tempted to roll down the window and yell at them: "For the love of God...PICK A SIDE!!!" We hadn't even gotten into the store yet.

Once we secured a parking spot we went into the store and for those that are unfamiliar with Super Wal-Mart it's basically a self contained city. The only thing they're missing is a movie theatre and emergency services. I'd like to suggest to the good CEO's of Wal-Mart that if they're going to make a store that size the least they could do is install some traffic lights or something so there's some sense of order and people aren't bumping into one another. Perhaps a traffic cop or two wouldn't hurt either.

Anyway, we found a board game and managed to get out of there without incident and I didn't have to go all 'Chuck Norris' on anyone. The week-end was fun and I stayed up waaaaaaaay past my regular bed-time. :)
I'll be back on Wednesday with an art related post after I've gotten over my city culture shock. I think bringing in some firewood for the wood stove should take care of that. Until then!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, this horse is looking good!

Walmarts are evil, aren't they?

Rita said...

Thanks Meg! Um, although I actually scrapped that horse the other day after an irreversible food incident. Sometimes art and food mix, but not this time.

Wal-Mart's are evil, but in a delightfully discounted way!