Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is Anyone Home?

Greetings and salutations, dear reader.
My apologies for my absence yesterday but I have yet another art show coming up this week-end and the week is jam packed with preparation. The event that has caused this art show to come to fruition, pun intended, is the Brighton Applefest. How "country" I know, but this is a huge event for Quinte region and, dare I say it, for apple growers across this great province of Ontario. I spent last week-end celebrating and psyching myself up by not burning an apple pie (folks that know my history with baking pie will realize that this is a big deal). It was delicious.
So, yesterday was spent figuring out how I'm going to set up my display and there are a few pieces I'm hoping to have done in time for the show this week-end. It's a good thing it's not an apple themed show because... well, I'm primarily an equestrian artist although I suppose I could've done a pic of a horse eating an apple. That said, I have been doing up some little apple still-life ACEO's:

Copyright Rita Woodburne

WIP- Copyright Rita Woodburne

I'm hoping to have a handful of these done for the show but if I feel that I don't have enough I'll just wind up listing them on my eBay next week.

These little guys have also piqued my interest in still-life again. It seems that I went through this same phase last year (something to do with all the fresh produce maybe?) but this time around I have a better idea what I'm doing. That said, if anyone knows of any good still-life reference material I'd love to read it because, quite frankly, I suck at setting up still-lifes...the references for these are from other people. I'd really like to try my hand at getting better at these because I have yet another idea for a series I'd like to do, but unless I get my compositional act together I'll be up pencil shavings creek without a paddle.

So that's what's happening in my part of the artistic universe. I'll just be doing another post on Thursday because I do so enjoy sharing my pre-show babblings with people and I suspect I'll be experiencing some type of apple- induced insanity by then. So, until Thursday, keep on art-ing!


Lisa B. said...

Oh, I like the green ones! Great light & shadow. Granny Smiths? I love apple pie, but I usually make cobbler. My pie crusts are not good.

Ann said...

Oh, I love these! I don't know any good still life reference materials but I'll be watching to see what you find out. Good luck with the festival, it sounds like fun!

Rita said...

Thanks Lisa! I'm partial to Granny Smiths myself, my brother and I used to eat them in copious amounts when we were kids.
I made a Dutch apple pie, so no pie crust involved...I can't make pie crust either. :D

Thanks Ann! I'm hoping the festival is good, the weather promises to be nice so that's a start!