Friday, September 21, 2007

The End... at least until next Spring

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

It’s Friday and as of Sunday it will officially be Autumn. On that note I regret to say that this will be my last gardening least until next Spring! :D

I enjoyed doing these posts and I’m looking forward to next year’s gardening season. I still had pests to deal with and, as such, will be taking steps this year to eliminate them from my garden and next year some things will be changing crop -wise...but that’s for next year.
This year the crops were good but I should’ve watered them more. Weeding was a task, and I give my eternal thanks to my Grandmother who came over a few times and whipped the garden into shape (I can see her shaking her finger at me now :p).

From small beginnings: battling with bugs:

...and harvesting mutant vegetables:'s been a productive and interesting gardening season to say the least. So, with that the gardening posts end and I hope it was fun (and tasty) for those that followed along.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of gardening debris to take care of. Have a super week-end!!

Following the road to Autumn...


DrowseyMonkey said...

Love your blog! That picture of the carrot reminds me of the year my mother had a veggie garden. One of the carrots had a little penis, lol. I really must find that picture & post it.

Lisa B. said...

We had several pairs of conjoined squash, but after a successful separation, they were absolutely delicious.

Jennifer Rose said...

Gorgeous eyes on that card!

I enjoyed reading your garden posts a lot, they were very helpful :D

Rita said...

Thanks for the compliments and kudos!
Yup, that carrot was an interesting one. I pulled out another carrot that was being straddled by another carrot...but this blog is rated PG (for the most part) so I figured it was too racy to post a picture.

I can't wait to see what I find when I pull out the parsnips!