Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Getting Focused

"Sushi Round the Corner" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

"Snuggled Up" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Okay, so I know I promised a return to all things “normal”...but what exactly is “normal” anyway? Oh, posting about three times a week, that’s normal. This week I’ll brush off as a fluke because the Other Half and I got back from the Kawartha Art Festival a bit later than we had hoped and, quite frankly, I needed the extra time to recoup.

First and foremost, I just wanted to thank all those that did come out and say ‘Hi’ and enjoy the spectacular weather and great art that was on display. It was an awesome week-end and getting to schmooze with other experienced artists is always one of the many bonuses I get from doing art festivals/ exhibits.

Another benefit I’ve gotten this year from doing art festivals is that I’m developing a proper plan for next year as to where I’d like to take my art and what I need to be working on. Getting “out there” and meeting other artists as well as everyone from the casual buyer to the die-hard collector has given me the opportunity to listen to what others think about my artwork. Having the Other Half man my booth while I sneak off to a corner humming the Mission Impossible theme music and eavesdropping on his conversations with people visiting the booth kinda helps with that as well.
All silliness aside though, I made a point of spending this year focussing on talking to buyers/ clients, picking the brains of experienced artists (who are making a living at this wacky thing called 'art') and trying to find out what I really love to do in art. So far I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made and the bonus is that there’s still 4 months left in 2007 so who knows what will happen between now and the end of December!

September, for me, has always been a reflective month as Summer comes to an end and the impending confinement to the house draws that much closer. Late Fall and into Winter is a quiet time overall which allows me to focus more on art and with that in mind I like to take that time to re-assess my goals and also to create new know, because I don’t have enough on my plate as it is.

As a last note for this brief post I should mention that I’ve already started booking commissions for Christmas and if you’d like to get your hand in before space runs out just drop me a line here and we can work out the nitty-gritties. I’ll probably be reminding folks about this for the next month and a half (until the deadline runs out at least) so bear with me, if you will.

I’ll be back on Friday with a gardening post and a new recipe involving a whole whack of summer’s bounty...but no chocolate this time! :)


Jennifer Rose said...

You have a gorgeous shine on duvet, and Bill looks really good. :D

No chocolate!?! How can you cook something without chocolate?? :p

Meg said...

"Snuggled Up" is wonderful! It's amazing you got such beautiful detail into an ACEO. :D

Rita said...

Jennifer, thanks! I really wasn't sure about the duvet when I started this one so I'm happy it turned out okay.
I know, it seems impossible to not add chocolate...but I held back (this time anyway :p)

Meg, thanks for the kudos! I'm really enjoying doing these smaller works, it's turned into my own personal game to see how much detail I can get into such a wee space. :D

Sandy said...

Wow, these are beautiful!


Rita said...

Thanks Sandy! ACEO's are a lot of fun to do (and horribly addictive, I might add) and these two were no exception! ;)