Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alas, poor August, I knew thee well...

"Reflections in Red" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

"Beautifully Bitless" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Welcome back, dear reader!

This is going to be the only post for this week as there have innumerable things that have come up both in getting ready for this week-end’s art show and home life in general. Needless to say, it’s been hectic.

So for this post I’m happy to say that I did get my wolf piece done (and in the nick of time I might add) and have it here for your perusal. First I’ll post the WIP shot:

I had meant to take more pictures but I got carried away as I was working on it and, know how it is once you’re on a roll. At this point I’ve gone in and filled in pretty much the rest of the body and I’ve also started in on the background. I decided to do a gradation for the bg using some of the colours from the wolf itself.**
At this point I’ve just established that I want darks in the upper left and lights to the bottom right. This is really just because of the colouring in the wolf itself so he doesn’t get lost in the bg. I’ve resisted the urge to work on the wolf while doing the bg since sometimes that gets me into more trouble than it’s worth.

** I got some ideas from other folks over at the coloured pencil forum at WetCanvas. If you’re ever in an artistic rut and need ideas/ inspiration or a kick in the keister I highly recommend making your way over there. Lots of helpful creative people and, let’s face it, over 100,000 heads are better than one.

Below is the final piece:

I should note that in real life there isn’t that hard line between the light and mid-tone transition in the bg. I’m not really sure what happened there...maybe my camera doesn’t like me today.
Anyhoo, using my beloved Prisma’s, the bg is comprised of Black, Black Grape, both Warm and Cool Grey 90%, Chestnut and Espresso for the dark area. The mid-tone area was done with Clay Rose, Rosy Beige, Chestnut and Beige Sienna. The lightest area was done with White, both Cool and French Grey 10% and a wee bit of both Putty and Peach Beige.
I went over the wolf itself with Henna, Black and White (for some of the stray hairs), Jasmine, Mahogany Red and Dahlia Purple.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with it and, if I do say so myself, it looks pretty darn spiffy all framed up.

So that’s the post for today. I know I also said that I would have some blogger related news to share and far be it from me to go back on my word.
At some point over the next couple of weeks my blog will be undergoing a bit of a facelift and, with summer coming to an end, I’ll also be returning to my normal posting schedule. The exception to this (that I can tell in the near future) will be at the end of September when I have another week-end show that I’m involved in. I’ll still be doing gardening posts for another few weeks since there’s still much to be done before Fall rolls around and with the weather getting cooler I know I’ll just be itching to get outside.

If you happen to be in the Peterborough/ Fenelon Falls/ Kawartha area this week-end, stop by the Arts Festival to say ‘Hi’ and take a look around at all the fantastic artwork that’s going to be there. Take care, dear reader, and (insert cheesy music here):
“I’ll see yoooou, in September.
See yoooou, when the Summer’s through...”

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


Lisa B. said...

Cheesy music... you're just full of recipes, aren't you?

Wonderful portrayal of the wolf. So often they look as though they just came from the dog groomer's. This one is believable.

Rita said...

Cheesy music is sometimes the best kind of music for getting the message across. :D

Glad you like the wolf. I'll take au natural over not-so-natural anyday! ;)

Meg said...

That wolf is great. Excellent job on the background. It makes the piece come together very well!

Rita said...

Thanks Meg!
I hemmed and hawed over the background (as is customary for me) but I like how it turned out. Simple, but I think that works for this one. :)