Friday, May 04, 2007

Catch that!!

"Cool Runnings" ACEO can be bid on here.

Happy Friday, dear reader! This week-end in the Quinte region it’s Walleye World Week-end and the fishing masses from Canada and the U.S. have started flocking in to catch “the big one”. It’s a catch and release event and I must admit that, although I haven’t had the chance to go fishing in about 4 years, I absolutely love fishing! Walleye in particular are fun to catch because they’re an evil looking fish...the kind of fish you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. They have, as the name implies, an opaque wall eye, have razor sharp teeth and when they get ticked- off their dorsal pops up and looks like a mohawk. You half expect them to pull a Robert DeNiro: “You...lookin’ at me? You...lookin’ at me?” Then they punch you in the face.

Okay, I made that last part up (they lack fingers and an opposable thumb), but they’re a mean looking me. Anyway, this event brings in lots of tourists to our fair little region and makes driving in Belleville a living Hell, even more so than usual. So, for any local readers I suggest that you make your trips to the bank, grocery store, gardening centre, etc today before the masses really start cluttering up the roads. Oh, and for all you Walleye catching hopefuls, although this was taken a few years back, maybe this will give you something to aim for...

5.2 pounds baby!! Bob Izumi...look out!!!

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