Monday, February 19, 2007


Welcome back, dear reader. Today's post will be short, unfortunately. I know you're heart-broken but try to pick yourself up and move on with life.
You see, I have this wisdom tooth that, in it's infinite wisdom, chooses to grow for about 1 week at a time and then stop for about 2 months which is just long enough for me to forget how much it hurt the last time it had a mini growth spurt. It would seem that the 2 month resting period is over and it's returned to a growth stage again, thereby causing me to resort to consuming primarily liquids and mushy food for the next week. It's also made any focus I had go right out the window.

So, I won't be discussing anything today (my soup is almost ready) and instead I'll post my VanGogh-ish horse that I finished up over the week-end:

"Peat"- 8x10, coloured pencil on Colourfix

I'm quite pleased with myself over this one because in terms of colour usage I stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone and y'know what? I didn't turn into a pumkin, my head didn't explode and my pencils didn't self-destruct. All in all I'd say it was a positive and fruitful experience.
I'm still sketching some landscapes and I think I've come across one that will fit the bill quite nicely. If I'm not in too much agony tomorrow I'll post some of the sketches and my ideas but if not I will definitely be back on Wednesday with my VanGogh plan of action.

Will someone please pass me the Tylenol to garnish my soup with?


MrsSnowy said...

I don't know why they are called Wisdom Teeth - they should be called Misery Teeth! I think your horse is beautful and I love the magenta flash under that wonderful mane. Looking forward to your VG influenced landscape.

Susan Borgas said...

Rita I do hope you are feeling better soon..... you must be so miserable with that tooth.

Your horse is beautiful. The mane has lovely movement and I particularly like the colours in the shadowed areas.

Rita said...

mrssnowy & Susan- Thanks so much for the kudos! I had a lot of fun doing this horse and I found myself being quite a bit bolder with the colours and a little more abstract overall which was surprisingly liberating!

I second the vote for re-naming them Misery Teeth...I haven't gotten any smarter and this is that last one to come in, what a rip-off!

Jennifer said...

That is a gorgeous horse! Great sense of movement in the mane, and the purple colours are a really nice touch.

Hope you tooth feels better soon or gets pulled out fast.

Rita said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the compliments on my multi-coloured horse! It was such fun to do and an awesome change from what I'd been doing previously.

Actually, there's plenty of room in my big mouth for the tooth (ah, the miracle of orthadontics :D), it's just the growing part that irks/pains me. It's almost over though...