Tuesday, January 09, 2007

News? What news?

Hello dear reader, so glad you've come back. So I suppose you're wondering what this "news" is, eh? Well, as of next week-end, barring any natural disasters or myself imploding, I will officially have a gallery space in my home for folks to come and see and purchase (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) my artwork.
Right now I sit amongst putty dust, paint splatter, step ladders, plastic drop sheets and various office related debris and write you. My other half was kind enough this week-end to get pictures of me working on the office, turning it into said gallery space. So, although there aren't any pictures today there will be some photographic evidence of said transformation tomorrow. There's still another coat of paint to go on the walls and the fixtures for hanging the artwork, which were hand-made by my other half, as well as various other knick-knacky decorating items that will need to be set up.

I'm tired, dirty and I'm pretty sure I'm high on paint fumes but because I've been doing this for 3 days now I'm unsure. If you'll excuse me, I have the munchies and need to go eat a bag of Doritos. Toodles!


Susan Borgas said...

I would love to have a space for a gallery but it is shared with a rumpus room. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Rita said...

Hi Susan,

It's proving to be quite the challenge what with animals running around...so I guess it's sort of like a rumpus room already. ;)

That will change though...I hope!