Friday, January 26, 2007

The forecast is calling for snow

"The Wanderer"- 5"x7" coloured pencil on Colourfix
Available for sale only until February 14th, 2007. Please contact artist for more information or if interested in purchasing.

Salutations dear reader. I'll just be doing another short post today because, as the title clearly states, the forecast is calling for snow and I have two wood boxes to fill before said snow arrives. It doesn't help that it's colder than all bejeezus outside and that in and of itself makes me procrastinate regarding any outdoor related chores. Tomorrow I'll have stories to regail you with and odd information to share.

On the plus side, as a reminder that Spring (and my birthday) isn't too far off I received in the mail today my perennial and spring bulb catalogue from Vesey's, the gardening retailer I deal with. That's right, it's -15 celsius with a -18 celsius windchill (for you farenheit folks that translates into "colder than Hell freezing over") and it's time to start planning the vegetable and flower gardens. I can taste the fresh patty pan squash already...

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