Monday, December 11, 2006

A Little Shopping Never Hurt Anyone

The smiling snowman can be bid on here and the hanging snowan can be bid on here.

So dear reader we're creeping closer and closer to Christmas and I still have yet to purchase one present. Every once and awhile I like to tread on the wild side but this is ridiculous. With every passing day I realize that the stores will become more and more crowded which thereby increases my chances of getting mowed over by some woman with a shopping cart full of toys, decorations, clothing, food or any combination of those items. It could be a man with a shopping cart, but let's face it, men have a poor constitution for shopping at any time of year let alone at this most glorious of retail seasons.
Fortunately I have the advantage of being able to go out during the day while many people are at 9-5 jobs and I like to pre-plan my shopping excursions so as to avoid any bodily injury. Why just this week-end my other half went out to start and complete his Christmas shopping and was shoulder checked by some woman who made a point immediately afterwards of turning around and glaring at him like if he had the audacity to stand off to the side of the isle again she'd just plow him right over. Keep in mind my husband used to play hockey at a level that was pre-professional so to check him in any form whether it be shoulder, hip or full on body is like throwing down your stick and taking off your gloves. My husband counted to 10 instead, bought his items and left.

This is why I love the Holiday Season. I know of no other time of year that is supposed to be for goodwill and selfless acts of kindness that ultimately turns into a blood thirsty every man, woman and child for themselves kinda occassion. Think I'm exagerrating? I've seen people get into fist fights in parking lots over parking spaces. I've seen parents screaming at each other because they saw the last Tickle Me Elmo at the exact same moment and neither wants to give it up. Keeping in mind we're in a Toy section and there are children watching this most dignified moment of adult "reasoning".

So please folks, this Holiday Season remember to be polite, say thank you, and remember all the good things you have. If you just can't do that then save yourself the headache and stay inside until January 1st when the madness should have, for the most part, subsided. 13 more days...

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