Friday, October 27, 2006


Well, the week-end is here and the banquet is tomorrow. I don't know why, but social functions with large groups of people always make me anxious. I don't have a fear of people or anything like that it's just an odd quirk I have, one that I'm sure other people have as well. Despite my impending anxiety attack I am looking forward to someone else preparing dinner for me and the potential to make new horsey contacts.
So what, dear reader, do I have to show you? Well I have another ACEO, this one is titled "Collected Drama". It's a variation on a larger piece I did which is currently available on my website. For those of you that may have been waiting for me to list the previous horsey ACEO I do apologize as I missed my preferred listing time yesterday because I was dropping off the cowboy. It will be listed next week for sure since I plan to open an eBay store. The ribbon cutting, as it were, should be taking place on wednesday. There will be imaginary wine and cheese for all. Oh, and a dancing poodle.

So next week I will be posting the beginnings of a WIP. This one will be somewhat different from my previous WIP's since the work will be a landscape. I'll be doing another one of my sunset/ sunrise pieces so if you like that sort of thing or are just curious to see what sort of things go through my head with the creation of a landscape (yes, even my babbling is different with a landscape) then by all means feel free to tune in on Monday when the madness will begin.

So that's the schedule for next week, kinda. I also have to set up for my display at Serendipity Gifts where I am the esteemed Guest Artist for November. Well, maybe I'm not esteemed but I'm certainly interesting...and modest. Have a peachy week-end!

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