Friday, October 13, 2006

It's all about quality

Hello dear reader. Today I think I'm going to wax poetic a bit about some of my art experiences thus far into my art "career".
There's much I have yet to learn and yet there are some things that I've learnt, forgotten and then learned again. First and most prominent in my mind is that clearly I don't have a popular taste in art. Why? Because all of the pieces I do that I like, nay love, aren't the most popular pieces. For this information I rely on my better half. You see, it seems that every piece that has spoken to him or triggered something in him has sold...making my opinion a moot point. And here I thought I was finally figuring something out...
Second is that I like to do things my way. Not a big surprise to anyone that knows me. Far be it from me to "fit in" or "be conventional". That's kind of boring, don't you think? This also translates well into my own personal life and how I conduct myself. One day my better half caught me talking to the horses...this is not unusual for anyone that loves animals. After all, they're just four-legged, excessively hairy people trapped in a body that is physically incapable of communicating in a hominid way. Or we're the ones who are unfortunately trapped in two-legged bodies with the inability to bark coherently. That and one woman I did a commissioned piece for said this of artists: "The crazier, the better." Don't worry, I'm nuttier than a fruitcake.
Third, and most important for any artist, quality is key. People can tell when you've only used half your ass instead of your whole ass. There are pieces I've almost gone virtually blind over in the simple act of "getting it right" and these are the pieces everyone, including myself, are most impressed with. It's striving for quality that makes me happy and it's achieving that quality that makes other people say "Wow". I love that word. I love seeing people's expression when they appreciate my work. Artists say they do art for themselves, but really we do it for ourselves and other people that appreciate quality.

On another, completely off-base note, I must profess that I love winter with a passion. Truly Canadian I must be. It snowed today, hence the above picture taken from my back porch to the barn. Yup, October 13th...Friday the 13th. We get the joke Mother Nature. What a screwy sense of humour she has...

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