Monday, August 14, 2006

Sorry, I'm not interested

So, I just hung up on a telemarketer. Don't they realize I have writing to do? Apparently not.
Telemarketers can be fun to play with sometimes. Hearing someone squirm over the phone is actually kinda funny, or at least it is to me.

For example, telemarketers are usually given a "response sheet" which has various response's that their unsuspecting victim may give in protest to the life insurance, credit card protection, security system, etc that they are trying to sell. Gotta keep the potential buyer on the phone. Just the other day someone called wanting to sell me home security and I discovered that there's no pre-prepared response to someone saying "So what?" Insert awkward silence here. Usually I don't let telemarketers make it past that silence that you initially get when they call and you have to say "Hello?" twice. There's your first clue right there that there's someone on the other end that wants to waste 10 minutes of your precious life. However, every once and awhile I get feeling kind of belligerent (who, me? never!) and just feel like making that person earn their money since I'm assuming quite a few people hang up on them.

Now, at the risk of coming across as a complete bee with an itch I must admit that I do have a soft spot for the telemarketer. After all, they were looking for a job and some company out there was looking for someone they could hire to piss off the general public. Hence the job of telemarketer is born. Sometimes I'll be polite and listen to their entire speil before I say "Sorry, I'm not interested." The thing with this fellow that was trying to sell me the security system, which is completely pointless since when I leave the house there's always someone here anyway, was that after I said I wasn't interested 3 times that was when he started getting pushy with me. A side effect, I'm learning, of suffering from door-mat syndrome which I'll explain another day. Y'know, I try to be polite and it gets me nowhere. So, dear reader, if you happen to have the pleasure of a telemarketer call your home do them a favour and entertain them by asking them silly questions and giving them unusual answers. Perhaps you'll bring a ray of sunshine to their dreary day.

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