Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Road crew ahead

Hello dear reader. Just another little update since I've been mind-bogglingly busy this week and I have a camping trip again this week-end (YAAAAAAAAY!!!) so I've been trying to get organized for that. I've included a work today that isn't on my website and may never make it to the web for sale. I felt I should post it because even though it hasn't held a lot of appeal for other people I really like it and enjoyed doing it. So, if this is the only chance it gets to make it's way to a larger audience then so be it.

I've been working on little things here and there. Mostly though I've just been trying to figure out more marketing stuff. I seem to go through these periods where I get a whole slew of art done and then hit a roadblock for about a week or two. I'm in roadblock phase right now and while it's not as frustrating as it has been in the past I'm having a really hard time doing simple forming a sentence or a complete thought.

On that note I should probably stop now. Depending on how consumed I get with preparing for this camping trip (which I am desperately looking forward to) I may not be able to update again until next week. Hopefully, by then, the construction crew will have moved out of my head.

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