Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm in love...

...with a paper. Yesterday in a fit of creativity I decided to loosen up and try out some new paper I had sitting around. Artsy people may know it, it's called "Colourfix" and it's made by an Australian company...which means it has a fancy price to match. This was the reason I had held off on using it, I figure at about $2-$3 per 9x12 sheet I'd better do something worthwhile and do it well. It's fabulous paper!
The piece I decided to experiment with was a pic of an Andalusian stallion who looks remarkably like my horse Al, or Bubbaloo as I like to call him, in his younger days. Al being half-Andalusian it's not really a big stretch of the imagination but I digress...The picture itself was one I had admired for awhile but didn't feel right in attempting to tackle it in the way I would normally approach a piece. So, after much ho-humming I thought I had better just dive right in before I have one of my trademark decision changes.
The work isn't done but should be today and I'll post the finished product tomorrow. I love this paper, so much so that I ordered a large quantity of it so I can do landscapes and all sorts of pictures on a larger scale (I ordered the big sheets, like 20x28 kinda big!) It eats my pencils like it's nobody's business but I love it, I love the paper. There, I've said it. I love it and I'll use it again.
I think only art people can understand the love of a good paper...them and perhaps accountants. Food for thought.

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