Monday, February 15, 2010

February already!

A Happy New Year (albeit a bit late) and I hope that for everyone 2009 was a great year and that as we embark upon a new decade that 2010 promises to be even better.

I have some good and bad news to share.

Al Mansur Primo
Coloured pencil on Colourfix
Copyright Rita Woodburne

First, the bad. My 2009 ended on a very unpleasant note when, two days before Christmas, my beloved horse very unexpectedly passed away. Al was truly one of a kind and I suspect it will be a very, very long time before I find another horse that can hold a candle to him. Shortly after he passed I wrote this small tribute to him because, to be honest, it’s hard to read what you’ve typed when you’ve been crying. :(

“When your time ended, my heart broke.

You are irreplaceable and will be forever loved. I miss you immeasurably and you will always be my “best guy”. Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons in your own life and beyond.

Many hugs, snuggles and knickers.”

I still miss him a lot and suspect that I will for quite awhile. That said, each day gets a bit easier and I hope that one day I will find another horse that I can find joy with.

Now I think it’s time for some good news.

"3 Times Tempted"
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

My art website will be updated later this year and since I don’t have a wedding to plan or school to concentrate on I will have more time to dedicate to my art. The Other Half and I had a wonderful honeymoon in Mexico and got oodles of pics, some of which I plan on using for a few pieces I have in mind.

So that's the news for now. I would write more but I have some artwork that's calling me! ;)


Ann said...

So sorry to hear about your horse. I know it is really hard when we lose an animal friend. Your portrait is lovely. As is the still life. I look forward to seeing more of your work now that you have settled into married life :-)

Rita said...

Thanks Ann!

I knew it would be hard after Al was gone and I think it was how suddenly it happened that made it a bit harder. Each day gets a bit easier though. :)

I can't wait to actually finish some of the pieces I've started. Stay tuned!