Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Here's Smirkin' At You Kid

Welcome back!

Since I'm just getting started back up I'm going to share with you one of the ACEO's I left off with before I disappeared into Never-Neverland (aka- the Bottomless Abyss of wedding planning). This was the image I had left off with waaaaay back when:

Guess who...

In case you've been living in a vacuum, it's a cropped image of the Mona Lisa. I did a rendition of Mona way back in highschool, except instead of being on a small 2.5 x 3.5 " ACEO it was on a piece of plywood about 3 x 5 feet. Try wrapping your noggin around that one.

This ACEO has long since found a new home but for those of you just squirming in anticipation to see how it came together you can see below:

Yes, that is the bottom of a pen next to Mona.

"After DaVinci- The Mona Lisa" ACEO
coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Despite not having the pleasure of seeing this piece in person, I've always loved it for the expression on Mona's face. For a little tiddly-bit of history, this piece didn't come together for DaVinci so easily. Many moons after he completed it and us crafty little humans had developed the ability to x-ray things it was discovered that there were, in fact, several layers of paint and several subtle variations on Mona's expression. The ultimate result was this fine work of art featuring a saucy brunette with a quaint little smirk on her face.

Knowing that there were so many re-dos to this piece my own personal feeling on why he finally settled/ decided upon this particular rendition came about something like this:

DaVinci: I think I've almost got it. Yes, just a few more brushstrokes...
Mona Lisa: For the love of fudge, I sure hope so! How long have I been sitting here? I'm glad you've found me so inspiring and all but I have laundry to beat by the river you know.
DaVinci: ... yes, yes. It's.... almost... damnit!! No, I think I need to re-so it again.
Mona Lisa: WHAT!?! (insert several loud expletives here and imagine the Pope's hat popping off and spinning around like a whirlygig)

At that point I like to think that after DaVinci picked his jaw up off the floor he quietly made a few subtle alterations like changing Mona's mouth to achieve the somewhat smug expression we see today.

And thus ends this edition of Storybook Theatre. Do tune in on Friday when I give my take on just what Goldilocks was in fact doing in the 3 Bears' house.


Regina said...

thanks for the grin you just put on my face!

Rita said...

My pleasure, Regina! ;)