Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Done with dimples... for now at least.

"Lusciously Lit Lemons" ACEO
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

And there it is, my first miniature piece featuring some dimpled fruit!

Like I mentioned yesterday, considering this is the first time I've tackled lemons I'm content with how it turned out. Sure, I cheated a bit because half the darn thing is in shadow but I like to think of it as a baby- step towards including other interestingly textured produce into my artwork.

Having said that, the next WIP I have on the go is of a horse. So unless I include a carrot in the composition (highly unlikely) the only other piece I'm currently working on is another one that was left in limbo before my hiatus. It can be seen below:

Silver and Cherries WIP
Coloured pencil on Colourfix

I've actually gotten a bit more done on it than this but I'd really like to get this one wrapped up soon 1- because it's a large piece (for me) at 11x14 and would be the first large still life piece that I've completed and 2- it's been on my drawing table since the Winter and it's getting to the point where I'm almost certain that it's laughing at me every time I walk past it. Almost as if to say "Mwahaha! You'll never complete me and as such I shall inhibit your growth as an Artist for all eternity!"

Okay, so maybe that last bit was a bit over-dramatic but every once and awhile... I'm sure I can hear it snickering at me.

So, I've got a busy art, school and gardening day ahead of me and with a list of tasks lined up in front of me I feel I should get the rest of my day underway. You know, so my list of "things to do" isn't laughing at me as well.

Until later this week, keep on art-ing!


Ann said...

Your lemon ACEO turned out beautifully! Reminds me of Vermeer.
I have those pieces that taunt me too. We just have to show them who's boss :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

the lemon card turned out wonderful :) nice job with the dimples

yeah art def. laughs at a person when it sits there taunting someone to finish it. Even if I cover my art up I can hear it snicker from under the paper ;)

Rita said...

Ann & Jennifer- Thanks for the compliments! The dimples were making me nervous. ;)

As far as art that is adopting a mocking attitude I've learned for the most part to take it in stride... but there always seems to be that one piece that take is too far, y'know? :/

Rita said...

... oops! I mean "takes it".

I gots gooder English dontcha know.

José said...

Hi Rita,

Both works are great, but I particularly like the top one, namely the perspective and the great work in terms of values.
The perspective of the handle on the other work is also quite convincing and handles are not easy; one needs to pay special attention to lighting to achieve the desired effect, besides of course the axles and all that weird stuff.

Kind regards,


Rita said...

Hi José!

Thanks for the compliments and observations about both pieces. You're right, after getting into doing more still- lifes I've found that handles can be tricky to get right. Then again, I do love a challenge! ;)