Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Holland to Quinte Region

Hi there, dear reader!

So the van Gogh ACEO is done and can be seen below:

'After van Gogh- "Irises"- 1889'
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes

The colour is a bit wonky on my monitor compared to what it looks like in "real life" but who knows... maybe that's what it looks like in person! Someone needs to fly me to Holland so I can go to the van Gogh museum and find out. It would all be in the name of art history and studying the Masters, I swear.
This one was oodles of fun to do and I must admit, much more relaxing than the Vermeer which is on the cusp of being done. I suspect I may be doing more van Gogh studies than Vermeer...

"The Calling"
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

On a local art note, my piece "The Calling" (seen above) can be found at the Belleville Art Association Gallery for their end of the year 'Artist's Choice' show. There's a gallery hop taking place today until 8pm and there are 5 galleries in total that are participating. However, if you can't make it out today the gallery will be open on the week-end and during the week so I invite you to stop by and see some of the excellent work that Quinte artists have on display.

That's all for now. I'm going to post the last stages and the final of the Vermeer ACEO soon.

Really. I will.


Regina said...

Love both pieces you posted. I'm especially drawn to the Van Gogh. I was at the Van Gogh museum 5 years ago. SO worth the trip! After going thru the main part of the museum, I was wondering why we hadn't seen an iris painting. WELL - there is an addition on the museum that is waaaaay cool. They display modern art inspired by Van Gogh with the Van Gogh also on display. You guessed it. That's where we saw the irises. I hope you can make the trip some day.

Jennifer Rose said...

both are lovely pieces :D I love the owl though, the eye is so lifelike.

Rita said...

Thanks Regina!
I hope someday I can make it there. I know there are several art museums, not just van Gogh, that are there that I would love to visit... but of course avn Gogh would be the main reason. ;)

Thanks Jennifer!
That owl is one of my favs too, he gets lots of comments every time I take him to art fairs so I figured he'd be a good one to have the in the show.