Monday, July 28, 2008

So it rained a bit...

"Dancing in the Dark" (working title at this point)
11x14, coloured pencil on Pastelbord

Copyright Rita Woodburne

Okay, actually, it rained a lot. And thunder... don't forget that as well.

The week-end was a bit of a bust you could say. When you're holding an outdoor art fair at a Provincial Park where people are generally staying in structures that don't have solid walls they're not particularly inclined to buy art.

Lack of sales aside I still had fun and got to see folks that I hasn't seen in awhile, do an interview for a paper covering the show and also got to meet some folks that had seen my work in other venues and proclaimed they were "fans". That's pretty darn neat if you ask me.
The Other Half and I also got to do some camping and get some nice shots of animals and unusual mushrooms. One of them looked like the ones that Smurfs would live in but, alas, I saw no evidence of Smurf habitation in said mushrooms.

After all the excitement of the week-end (and vain attempts at staying dry) I'm very tired and have oodles of laundry to do. We also have to set some things back up, like the canopy, so it can dry out or it'll be growing mushrooms on it... and I sincerely doubt I'll find Smurfs in those mushrooms either.

So stay tuned for later in the week when I get back to van Gogh and Vermeer and why I've decided to study both of these Dutch Masters. Keep on art-ing!


Jennifer Rose said...

too bad about the lack of sales but that is really cool about the "fans" :D

I really like the dramatic look to that piece, the title really suits it :)

Rita said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'm still waffling about the title... but that's nothing new for me. :D

It was pretty neat hearing someone say "I'm a fan", and kind of surreal too. Still trying to wrap my head around it...