Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Even More Flowers and a Horse

Hi there, dear reader!

So today's post is going to be an update of my second attempt at the daisies for my ongoing Van Gogh project as well as another older unfinished piece I dug out in an attempt to re-work. But first, the daisies:

Van Gogh project daisies, take 2. WIP
5x7, coloured pencil on Colourfix
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Up to this point I've really only filled in the base colour for the stem, petals and underside of the flowers. This is the same thing I did with the first daisy piece but I find now that I'm working on the Colourfix I feel less anxious about making alterations as I go. As I mentioned with the first daisies, Colourfix is much more forgiving than Mi-Teintes when it comes to layering and fixing mistakes.

That said, the only problem I can see at this point with this piece is the background and that expanse of blue sky. Seeing that Colourfix is a sanded surface it's worth noting that from time to time you come across little sections that have a bit more grit to them than other spots. As a result you get chunks of pigment that come off the pencil and aren't as easy to remove. I'm not sure how I feel about a sky that could be described as "chunky". However, I haven't gotten to that stage yet (it's slated for this week-end) so I'll just have to wait until then to see if I can pull it off.

Now the other piece I yanked out was a horse I started last year, sometime around June or thereabouts. I had a sampling of pastelbord at the time and was still getting comfortable with using it. I got the horse outline down and started filling it in and then...I got stuck. My steam for it ran out and I put it in an envelope and forgot about it. I came across it again last week and figured I'd take another stab at it and, of course, I forgot to take a pic of it before I started to re-work it. So this is the point it's at now:

Untitled (for now at least)
8x10, coloured pencil on pastelbord
Copyright Rita Woodburne

It needs colour and value and "oomph" (that's a technical term, I'm sure of it). I'm going to take my sweet, dandy ol' time with this one because I'm not really sure where I was trying to take it in the first place... but that's what happens when you squirrel a piece away for close to a year before looking at it again.

The weather is supposed to be less than accomodating for outdoor activities this week-end so I'm hoping to get some of the many works-in-progress I have on the go wrapped up or close to it. I've told myself I can't start anything new until I get at least 3 of them done so with that in mind, I'm off and art-ing.

Back later in the week with some more on the gardening front!


Jennifer Rose said...

nice start to the daisies and nice restart to the horse :) Can you leave the sky out? or would that be too much grey? I told myself the same thing.Get something finished before I start another piece lol I think have almost a dozens things going at once it too much :p

Lisa B. said...

I don't think you should worry about the sky looking chunky. Van Gogh's skies, along with everything else, are all chunky looking.

I like the placement of the flowers. Can't wait to see what you do with it next!

Rita said...

Jennifer- I had thought about leaving the bg "as is" but I think it might look too dull. I'll have to get more of the daisies done before I really figure out what to do.

Lisa- VG was a big fan of chunky, wasn't he? ;) I thought about throwing some purple into the sky but I'm still hemming and hawing over it.