Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise...

On the weekend we were hit with a Winter storm, lots of snow, freezing rain, more snow, ice pellets, wind and as such it was the perfect day to stay inside . . . and watch the Other Half snow-blower (that’s gooder English, right?) the driveways.

For me it meant working on art because my only other option was to do laundry and, really, who wants to do laundry? Not me, that’s for sure.

Working on art and waiting for the snow to melt...
both being tasks that require the the highest level of patience one can muster.

I have a few projects on the go right now: a handful of commissions, some personal work that I’d like to have done for the upcoming show season and I’ve volunteered to do the artwork this year for the Lilac Tea Art Show that will be used for advertising and nitty-gritties like name-tags and place-cards for the show. So even with the daily chores and such that come with living on a farm it’s quite fair to say I’ve got a few things on my plate and on top of all that now I’m getting geared up for gardening season.

Did I mention we had a snowstorm here?

I tell ya, there’s nothing quite like two feet of snow, the end of Winter and cusp of Spring to get one thinking about planting zucchini and lobelia (not in the same plot, of course!) This past weekend I pulled out my seed supply from last year and the seed catalogue I was sent back in October and started mentally planning how my veggie garden and planters would look for this year. I also looked over floral ref pics I have stored on my computer because in the vast expanse of white that covers my front lawn and garden I was wont to recall the colours that were there back in the Spring. And Spring is coming...mark my words.

I do love the ever-changing variety that weather in Canada provides but to be honest, I’m quite sick of Winter now. The snow can melt. The Spring flowers can come out. The solar-loading can begin. In fact, if my nostrils freeze together one more time I’m just going to throw myself in the snow and have a temper-tantrum simply because I can. So there.


Jennifer Rose said...

Def. one thing I don't miss, frozen noses and frozen pipes. I do miss the snow though, as crazy as that sounds lol.

Busy busy! Very cool that you are doing art for the Tea show, lots of exposure with that!

Lisa B. said...

You have my sincerest sympathies! We didn't get much snow this year, but March isn't over, and April can be full of surprises.

Baking cookies is also a good alternative to doing laundry.

Regina said...

I'm with you on being sick of winter & I think we have plenty of company. Here in the middle of Iowa, USA, there is still plenty of snow to be found, but it's melting. Somewhere under that no-longer-pristine stuff are my sleeping perennials. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, spring. The "underwear" trees are blooming. Not sure what they're really called, but they smell terrible.

Love that horse!

Rita said...

Jennifer- I love Winter and snow too, but usually by the time mid-March rolls around I'm ready to strangle the groundhog for being wrong...again.

Lisa- Yeah, March and April are funny weather months (and not in the "ha-ha" way). I like the cookie idea, cookies are good no matter what the weather! :D

Regina- Thanks for stopping by! I'm anxiously awaiting my perennials too, any colour but "dirty snow" colour is welcome right now. ;)

Meg- You have underwear trees? I must see them, please post pics to your blog because I'm really curious now. I'll take your word that they smell, I trust your olfactory senses.