Monday, February 18, 2008

Sooooo lazy....

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

Hi there, dear reader!

I'll be honest, today I'm feeling quite lazy and have absolutely no idea as to what I should write about. Also, today is 'Family Day' in Ontario and for many folks it's a holiday and they have the day off as a result, which I suspect is contributing to my overall sense of laziness. I haven't been a complete lump today though, I did make soup this morning and spent the majority of the day working on art.

Yup, the excitement never ends.

So I just wanted to let you know that I have returned and will be posting more on my VanGogh project on Wednesday. Until then, have a good one! ;)


Jennifer Rose said...

Very pretty card!!

The first time I heard of "Family Day" was in Alberta. Just one more day for teachers to have off, and one more day for kids to run amok. I didn't really see any families actually spending time together so thought it was pretty much a pointless day.

Lisa B. said...

As a chief cook and bottle washer, I do not associate cooking with lazy. Gee whiz Rita, even God took a day off!

Rita said...

Thanks Jennifer! I know what you mean about Family Day, it's a nice idea (in theory) but most people I know spent it cathcing up on chores...that is if they weren't working anyway. Go figure?

Lisa- LOL! You're right, cooking is definitely not being lazy... especially if you also double as chief "taste tester" (gotta make sure it's safe to eat). Hmmm, as far as the resting thing goes though you know what they say, no rest for the wicked! ;)