Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Hi there dear reader. I do apologize for my absence but I'm going on a self-imposed hiatus from a regular blogging schedule.
As I mentioned a few months back I accepted the task of assisting the local library art co-ordinator in putting together this year's Lilac Tea Art Show and Sale, an event that started just last year and was enormously successful both in promoting local artists and its main goal of promoting literacy in our community through various fundraisers such as the Lilac Tea. We're getting down to crunch time now for application deadlines and we're also starting to plan for the advertising of this event and while I knew that this would be a time consuming venture I didn't count on just how time consuming it would be helping out with that and all the other things I have on my plate right now.


I'm still going to update my blog but it will be a bit willy-nilly, if you will. I'm still trucking along with my VG project and plan on doing another post related to that either on Friday or Sunday and, having mentioned that, you can expect to see more posts taking place on week-ends as that seems to be when I have a bit more free time to indulge the part of me that enjoys writing.

There you have it. I'll be back later in the week with sketches and more on Van Gogh so until then keep on art-ing!


Meg Lyman said...

Good luck!

Lisa B. said...

I'm sure it will be a big success. Have fun!

Jennifer Rose said...

good luck!!

Catherine said...

Congratulations for your work, I discover your blog and like everything I see !
And, good luck !

Rita said...

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. I've never undertaken a task like this so I'm on a big (but very exciting) learning curve! :D