Friday, January 04, 2008

Just one more thing...

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Hi there, dear reader!

So over the past week since I've thrown my 2008 plan out there for all to see I've also been thinking quite a bit about quality. While I've always admired those who obviously have standards of quality that they strive to meet in their artwork I found it funny that I didn't mention that in my goals for this year. I suppose in the back of my mind I assumed that quality would come naturally or that it would just be a knee jerk response when creating.

However, in thinking and looking back at some of the pieces I did last year, commissions excepted (because I always seem to labour over them), I can clearly see in a few pieces not only things that I would change, a natural response as one gets better and better, but also pieces where I just plain ol' rushed through it. I'm smacking my hand with a ruler as we speak. It irks me because I let the quality of the work fall behind in favour of creating more pieces, and that's never a good thing. I suppose it's the old "quality versus quantity" issue and when you're starting out as a professional artist sometimes the need for beefing up a portfolio causes one to push common sense aside. Again, I'm smacking my hand with a ruler. That said, in looking back I can also say that some of my favourite pieces also came to me so easily that they didn't take a long time to complete either. So is it that time spent doesn't dictate quality either?

I guess what it boils down to is that I'm also going to amend my plan for 2008 to include a solid commitment to quality...and I do mean solid. Already with the few pieces I've done and started this year I've repeated to myself that "it takes as long as it takes" and wouldn't ya know it? I'm actually quite happy with what's come of it so far.

So that's where I stand on this 4th day of the New Year. I've already exercised my right to "wiggle room" and added another thing to my plan. I'm going to head off now and work more on quality, whether it takes me 15 minutes or 15 hours.

Happy Friday and keep on art-ing!


Jennifer Rose said...

"it takes as long as it takes" good point that is sometime very hard for me to remember. I've had pieces that take a few hours turn out great but have had pieces that takes weeks that are pretty bad, so yeah times doesn't matter, and I'm sure it doesn't for a lot of people (just have to keep telling myself that). Good idea adding quality to your plan, your work was already quality but it doesn't hurt to improve in what way you see fit and meet your own expectations of quality.

Rita said...

Thanks Jennifer. It's a difficult point for me to remember too, but I think when it all comes down to it if I keep it in the forefront of my mind while I'm creating only good things will come...I hope. :D