Friday, January 25, 2008

Indulging in Frivolity

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

Our story begins with King Billy dubbing his reliably squishy aide Spots-A-Lot henceforth to be known as Sir Spots-A-Lot and in doing so forever changing the way the Kingdom would view a dog with a floppy body.

King Billy and Sir Spots-A-Lot

Rumours had been flying around the Kingdom that it would happen but now that it was official the joy of King Billy's subjects couldn't be hidden. The news had to be spread and it was Lady in the Cookie Bin, Rosebud, that travelled high and low (but mostly high) to let everyone know of the fortunate news.

Lady in the Cookie Bin Rosebud so excited with the news
flying over the icy cold River Soggy-Pants

Lady Rosebud told everyone she could. The gnomes of Back Forty were so pleased they even emerged from their homes into the cold Winter air to cheer over the good news. be continued?...

See what happens when I drink coffee in the afternoon?

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