Monday, January 21, 2008


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Hi...*cough*...dear reader.

I'm just popping in...*sniffle* say that I haven't forgot about posting today. Due to some circumstances beyond my control and the onset of a cold (confounded airborne germs) I'm passing on a post today, as you can see it's much later than I normally post. *wheeze*

But fear not!! I'm still posting my exciting project plans on Wednesday and...*achoo!*...if I can manage to breathe out my nose tomorrow, as opposed to breathing out my mouth, I'll do a post tomorrow to make up for today.

In more unusual news, in today's "Impossible Trivia" question, featured on my local radio station's morning show, the questions was: "When picturing the perfect man, what do 21% of women say is essential?"

Go on, just guess.

The answer? Apparently 21% of women say their ideal man is sporting facial hair, more specifically a mustache.

Their ideal man is the Marlboro man? I don't get it...but then again, I don't get a lot of things.


Jennifer Rose said...

Get well soon!

I like stubble on a guy, not too keen on a full on Santa Clause looking beard. :p Guys with handle-bar mustaches just look silly.

Rita said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Yeah, stubble is okay and I'll even say a mustache and goatee...or just a goatee.

No Santa Clause ('cause that's just creepy) and handlebar mustaches should only be sported by guys named 'Butch'.